My heart is over joyed as I am gifted wi

My heart is over joyed as I am gifted with the opportunity to introduce a very dear friend and sister of mine. I feel I’ve kept this incredible woman “secret” for much to long as God has blessed me, abundantly so, through her beautiful spirit over the past 23 years. We’ve shared much laughter together … It is such an honor to be part of this incredible Anthology with her as I have witnessed the manifestation of her dreams as she has witnessed mine. It’s truly been a divine journey. Without further ado, Please … give a grand welcome to the Stellar Ms. Celeste Johnson ….

A super inspirational story of her seventeen year journey from the States to England and back and how she manifested her dreams around the world and back. Congratulations my sister, I love you girl. Wooo hooo we’ve really done it!
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